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Cydia Sources - Best Cydia Repos


Best Jailbreak Sources - Best Jailbreak Repos

 One of the first things that every iOS - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users search for after successfully jailbreaking their iDevices, is how to get the best trusted Cydia sources and top repos to be able to download tweaks, jailbreak Apps and awesome themes, and start customizing and personalizing their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

 Cydia is a platform where obsessed fans of iOS and jailbreak enthusiasts get unlimited tweaks, apps, themes, utilities and much more. Also Cydia is the platform where developers compete every year to produce the best tweaks, Cydia package sources and repositories for iOS and jailbreak users around the world.
To get access to these unlimited tweaks, you will have to add a list of sources and repos to Cydia which is our main concern in this article.

Cydia Sources - Top Cydia Sources

Are you searching for good Cydia sources, best sources for Cydia for free apps and latest Cydia repos?

Looking for sources to add to cydia?

You installed Cydia but you don't know where you can get tweaks, themes and Cydia apps?

 Don't worry! Just add some Cydia repos and sources in the manage section and that's it, you are ready to search, download and install the top and best Cydia tweaks and Apps.

How To Add Source In Cydia

 You want to know how to add source in Cydia?
Check our Tutorial Guide to learn how to add sources and repos on Cydia.

 Check our special section for the latest new Cydia tweaks and the best free and paid Apps, all about the new released and updated tweaks.

 Also check our weekly editions of  the top Cydia tweaks and Apps.

Cydia Repos - Best Cydia Repos

Sources To Add to Cydia - What sources should I add to Cydia?

This is a list of all Best 2016 Cydia sources and repositories : Popular Cydia sources, great Cydia sources, the most important and essential Cydia sources, the Cydia main sources and newest Cydia sources.

1. BigBoss Repo Source
 Cydia without Bigboss repo is almost worthless. Bigboss repo provides almost all the popular tweaks, apps, themes and utilities. This source is a default repo automatically installed when you install and open Cydia for the first time. BigBoss Tweaks are categorized which makes it easy to search and discover them.

 → Source: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

2. Insanelyi Repo Source
 One of the most popular repos with over 9900 Packages of a wide selection of free tweaks, themes, apps, custom sounds, modifications, utilities and much more for your iPhone, iPod, iPad and AppleTV.

 → Source: http://repo.insanelyi.com/

3. BiteYourApple Repo Source
 BiteYourApple is another best source for Cydia. It holds many more popular apps, mods, ringtones, tons of themes. This source is all in one Source. This Source a recommended alternative for the shut down Source Hackulo.us because it holding all packages of Hackulo.us Source.

 → Source: http://repo.biteyourapple.net/

4. xSellize Repo Source
 xSellize is one of the must-have repos for games fans, this repo has the most popular game ROM packs, lots of categories for games like SEGA, NES, Racing Games, Gameboy and many more. This Source is provides a large number of tweaks and awesome HD themes and Bluetooth application for all iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

 → Source: http://cydia.xsellize.com/

5. HackYouriPhone Repo Source
 This Source has most famous Winterboard themes and animated lockscreen, full Cydia themes and DreamBoared themes, animated lock screens and many more apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches. It has the best high graphic themes and you can also download Games DLC and Cheats.

 → Source: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

6. SinfuliPhone Repo Source
 SinfuliPhone Source is very famous for it's full packages. It has a large amount of Apps and tweaks and it's one of the leading sources for high quality cracked Cydia Apps. this source provides forums and support for its users.

 → Source: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

7. iPhoneCake Repo Source
 iPhoneCake repo is specially for game lovers. It offers you a number of games listed category. iPhone Cake Source is where you can install AppCake App for downloading premium paid App store Apps and games for free, it gives you full access to download Paid apps and games.

iPhoneCake Source has its own official website, where you can search and download  all kinds of free and premium App store apps and games directly to your PC.

 → Source: http://cydia.iphonecake.com/

9. iHacksrepo Repo Source
 iHacks source has the most famous and demanding Winterboard themes and animated lockscreen to customize your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It offers also the most popular tweaks and apps. Moreover, if you want to customize your iDevice and want your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to look unique then this is the right repo for you.

 → Source: http://ihacksrepo.com

10. iCauseFX Repo Source
 iCauseFX is another source for a large range of tweaks, apps, themes and utilities.

 → Source: http://repo.icausefx.com

So that was our list of the best Cydia sources and repos, thank you for reading, we will keep you up to date with latest Cydia sources and repos, whenever new must have sources are released 

 Don't forget to Check our special section for the latest new Cydia tweaks and the best free and paid Apps, all about the new released and updated tweaks.

 Also check our weekly editions of  the top Cydia tweaks and Apps.

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