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Cydia Best Tweaks and Weekly Top Cydia Apps - 1.Ed


Cydia Best Tweaks and Weekly Top Cydia Apps - 1.Ed

Hello and welcome to our first edition of 

" Cydia Best Tweaks and Weekly Top Cydia Apps " 

 In this weekly series we will share with you a list of all the latest best Cydia tweaks and top jailbreak Cydia Apps, all the awesome iOS Cydia Apps and tweaks that every Jailbreak user around the globe must have!

 If this is the first time you had jailbreaked your iPhone, iPad or iPod then this is the right place where you'll find a list of the best jailbreak tweaks and Apps, paid and free tweaks to start customizing and personalizing your iDevice.

 To help you find the latest and top iOS Cydia tweaks available for download we have created this list that has our great recommendations for what you should have on your device. 
 Make your iOS device more fun with this collocation of  best jailbreak Apps and the best of Cydia tweaks.

 Check our special article about the latest Best Cydia Sources and Repos.

Latest Top 20 Cydia Apps and Best Jailbreak Tweaks

1. YouTube ++ :   Makes YouTube easier and more convenient to use, allows video downloads and playback speed controls.
→ Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

2. Cercube 3 (iOS 8 and 9) :  The best all-in-one video download extension for the official YouTube app.
→ Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

3. Akri : Allows you to access your favorite Apps directly from the Lock Screen 
→ Price : $1.99 .. Repository : BigBoss 

4. iKeys :  Take your keyboard to greater heights, customize the entire Stock keyboard.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

5. EmojiPred :  Adds Emoji to your predictive keyboard.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

6. Watusi (iOS 9) :  The best all in one tweak for WhatsApp Messenger!
 Price : $1.99 .. Repository : BigBoss 

7. ColorSafariProgress :  Change Safari progress bar color. 
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

8. RedesignedNotifications :  Customize the notifications you receive on Lock screen.
 Price : $1.50 .. Repository : BigBoss 

9. AlertClose :  Displays an alert with option to close application, relaunch application and dismiss switcher when you try to swipe application up through application switcher.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

10. Combination Lock :  An iOS lockscreen number pad replacement. Mimics a combination lock.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss 


11. SweetDisplay :  Customize app launching & closing animations!
 Price: $1.99 .. Repository : BigBoss 

12. Delete Contact :  Delete Contact cydia tweak allows to delete contacts from your iDevice's address book. works with all your iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod too.
 Price : Free .. Repository: BigBoss 

13. DockAlpha :  Lets you a djust the opacity of the Home screen dock.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

14. Traverse :  Create 3D actions your own custom 3D Touch Quick Actions for apps.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

15. Avus :  Removes Twitter suggestions from the official iOS Twitter app.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

16. ColorStatusBar :  Lets you customize your StatusBar Color.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

17. WhatsApp ++ :  Adds the most requested features to WhatsApp.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

18. NoMoreMissed :  With this tweak you will never miss Calls and Messages!
 Price $1.49 .. Repository : BigBoss

19. WiFi Explorer :  Lets you scan, monitor, and troubleshoot wireless networks on your device.
 Price $1.99 .. Repository : BigBoss

20. CallBar for iOS 7 :  Lets you re-designs the incoming call view to allow you to use your device while it’s ringing or while in a call.
Notification Center integration, complete call handling for telephony and FaceTime audio calls, a whole new and complete dialer interface which can actually replace the Phone.app. Answer, decline or dismiss a call with ease without stopping what you’re doing. 
You can pick up a call and stay where you are while in any application. Even place calls from anywhere by activating the dialer interface with an activation method of your choice.
 Price : $3.99 .. Repository : BigBoss

So these are all the best latest tweaks and jailbreak Apps listed for this week, let us know what are your favorite Cydia tweaks and Apps in the comments section below.

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