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Hack Kendall and Kylie iOS Game Cheat No Jailbreak


Kendall and Kylie iOS Game Hack

Kendall and Kylie Hack cheat iOS No Jailbreak Required FREE

Kendall and Kylie Hack cheat iOS No Jailbreak Required FREE

Hack iOS Game Kendall and Kylie Without Jailbreak

Ultimate Hack Kendall and Kylie iOS

Use the Kendall and Kylie cheat to Get Unlimited DiamondsUnlimited Cash, Unlimited Energy, Chose Male or Female and more, using iFunbox or iFile or any idevice manager on your iPhone iPad and iPod touch.
Get all In-App purchases for free without jailbreak
Kendall and Kylie cheat is Universal meaning it will work for any language, on any iDevice iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Jailbreak and No jailbreak.

Kendall and Kylie iOS Game cheat is a save file - save game, no tool and it's for free no survey, you can download it without surveys.

Kendall and Kylie cheats iPhone Kendall and Kylie Hacks iOS

JOIN Kendall and Kylie JENNER as the up-and-coming star of a big new adventure... 
Choose your own path – the story is yours! BE YOURSELF, EXPRESS YOURSELF! Create your own character from hundreds of the latest styles, and share customized pics of your digital self. 
YOUR FOLLOWERS ARE WAITING! Start a life in fashion, media, and more... make your mark and increase your online following. CONNECT WITH FRIENDS on your feed, like, share, and help each other succeed.

Download Kendall and Kylie Game

Click on View in iTunes to Download Kendall and Kylie Game iOS

Kendall and Kylie Cheat - Features :

 Get all In-App purchases for free without jailbreak:
Use Kendall and Kylie hack to get Unlimited Diamonds - K-Gems and Unlimited CashUnlimited Energy, Chose Female or Male, All Wardrobe items and clothing are Unlocked , Start from the beginning and Buy anything you want, All Missions still Unlocked
Kendall and Kylie cheat for iPhone and iPad and iPod touch, Makes the Kendall and Kylie Game more enjoyable.

Kendall and Kylie cheat iOS Screenshots :

 Hack Kendall and Kylie iOS Game Cheat No Jailbreak Publish

What You Need To hack Kendall and Kylie iOS :

 To hack and cheat Kendall and Kylie iOS Game you will need to use a File Manager like iFunBox or  iFile.
Hack Kendall and Kylie iFunbox.
If you can't use iFunbox or iFile try this guide for another solution to install hacks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod without Jailbreak: 

How To Hack Kendall and Kylie :

This is the steps to how to hack Kendall and Kylie iOS Game using iFunbox or iFile, for FREE and no need for tools or surveys to download it. 
Follow our guide to start using Kendall and Kylie iOS Hack.

Hack Kendall and Kylie iPhone No Jailbreak

IMPORTANT : Always Backup your files first! DOCUMENTS AND LIBRARY FOLDERS!
so you can always get back your old data in case the hack cheat didn't work.

* First you have to Delete the game and Logout of Game Center then Reinstall the game.

* Do not open the game yet.

* Download the Kendall and Kylie Save Game "GameSave-(Kendall and Kylie)" from the download section below :

Password: gSVIdtCu

* UnRAR or UnZip the Downloaded file, and Chose the gender you want - Male or Female, open the folder and copy the DOCUMENTS AND LIBRARY folders to the following path.

* Drag or past the folders in :「User Applications/Kendall and Kylie/」 using (iFile, iFunBox...) or other apps.

* Replace the old folders, if it's requested

* Open the game and let it Download and Load the files, it may take sometime so just be patient!

* Once the game finished loading the files it will take you directly to the main menu of the game.

* You may get a pop up - SAVED GAME FOUND! Just Tap " Use Current Game "

* A new pop up will show up asking you if you are sure? Tap " Use Current Game " again to confirm it, and that's it!

 Hack Kendall and Kylie iOS Game Cheat No Jailbreak Publish

* Enjoy!! And Don't forget to Like and Share!

Get more followers on Kendall and Kylie iOS game using
this trick, No need for a Jailbreak: 

→ How To Get More Followers in Kendall and Kylie iOS Game

The first Hack above is not Working currently.
Follow us on Instagram for instant Updates: @hackiosgames

New Working Hack for No Jailbreak iOS!

Things you need to know before applying this new hack:

. Your game will restart and you will lose the krossover event items but if you still have the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game in your phone you will receive them again. 

. You will get Unlimited Cash and Kgems (Diamonds). About the Energy you can buy as much as you want using the kgems. 

. You will need a computer to run the Bluestacks Software, and to make sure you won't have any issues it's better to turn off your antivirus.

Now Let's get started!

1. Step: First you have to Log out of your Facebook on your Kendall and Kylie game in your phone and close the game from the multitask (Double clicking the home button and swiping up to close it.), check your Facebook app and log out. Check your Safari Facebook and log out.

2. Step: Delete the Kendall and Kylie game in your phone.
. All the following progress will be done in your computer.

3. Step: On your computer Download and install the Bluestacks Software from their website. Click the Download button below ↓


The software size is 259Mo, it may take about 30 minutes for the download to be completed (It depends on how fast your internet connection is)

4. Step: Also On your computer download this hacked game. Click the Download button below ↓

Password: nhGN00q5

5. Step: After the Bluestacks and the hacked game downloads are completed you will have to install and open the hacked game in Bluestacks, for that you have two options to choose from:

  - Open Bluestacks. Look for "APK" option on the sidebar program. Then your documents will open. Look for the hacked game file (probably will be in the downloads files). Open it and wait until the download is complete.

- Or go to the location of the downloaded hacked game, right click on it and click on "Open With"  select Bluestacks and click open. It will automatically install the hacked game in Bluestacks. 

6. Step: Now on Bluestacks click on Android tab on the top bar and open the Kendall and Kylie game. 

7. Step: It will ask you to login using a google account . Just use any Gmail account you have or create a new one.

Note: The game will ask you to login using a google account over and over again. Just keep doing until it works. Must be some glitch.

8. Step: The game will load exactly like it does on mobiles. Now play as a new game (very important). And it's also extremely important that you do not connect the game with any Facebook (for now). Do all the first missions until Gretta asks your name. Do this before you buy anything.

9. Step: Up in the game where the money, kgems and energy on the top left corner there's 3 black lines. Click on it and look for the option to connect with your Facebook  Do it!
(It's better to make a new fake facebook account just  make sure it's verified.) 
Once this is done you can close the game.

10. Step: Now Download the Kendall and Kylie game in your phone and open it, when you reach the home page look for "USE SAVED GAME" option on the bottom and then "LOGIN TO FACEBOOK". 
Log into your Facebook the same one you used in Bluestacks and Click in "used saved game" again and that's it! Now you're ready to play!

Note: If you're getting the notification on your phone  "your game has updated" and it's locking you out. That's OKAY, just follow the steps below↓

1. Delete the game. it's going to ask you if you want to keep Game Center click yes. 
2. Install the game again 


4. Log in with the Facebook that you used for the hack in Bluestacks.

5. That's ir. Your save game is there, and your app is now updated!

If you can't use iFunbox or iFile try this Tutorial for another solution to install hacks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod : 

Searching or need another hack cheat for your iOS game post your request here :
 Request Cheats and Hacks For Your Favorite iOS Games

Please report in the comment section below if the hack is not working for you, so we can fix it or update it.

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