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Cydia Best Tweaks and Weekly Top Cydia Apps - 2.Ed


Cydia Best Tweaks and Weekly Top Cydia Apps - 2.Ed

" Cydia Best Tweaks and Weekly Top Cydia Apps " 

In this weekly series of the top Cydia tweaks we will share with you a list of all the latest best Cydia tweaks and top jailbreak Cydia Apps, all the awesome iOS Cydia Apps and tweaks that every Jailbreak user around the globe must have!

 If this is the first time you had jailbreaked your iPhone, iPad or iPod then this is the right place where you'll find a list of the best jailbreak tweaks and Apps, paid and free tweaks to start customizing and personalizing your iDevice.

 To help you find the latest and top iOS Cydia tweaks available for download we have created this list that has our great recommendations for what you should have on your device. 
 Make your iOS device more fun with this collocation of  best jailbreak Apps and the best of Cydia tweaks.

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Latest Top 15 Cydia Apps and Best Jailbreak Tweaks

1. Flame :   This Tweak brings various improvements and features to Cydia and makes it more enjoyable, it allows you to Add multiple repos at once, automatically respring, reboot, or return to Cydia, and you can disable Auto Refresh which prevent Cydia from automatically refreshing and a lot more features.
→ Price : Free .. Repository : Adit's Repo

2. Clex3 (iOS 9) :   Clex3 Cydia Tweak is one of the best Music controller for iOS devices, it allows you to easily control your playing Music with simple and easy swipe gestures. For more info → Check our Clex3 Tweak Review
→ Price : $2.99 .. Repository : BigBoss

3. Facebook ++ :  This Tweak will allow you to break the rules of Facebook app! Facebook ++ is a fully featured tweak that allows you to save/download videos, disable the video auto play, Send Unlimited Photos, and much more!
→ Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

4. Instagram++ : Instagram++ Cydia tweak adds an option to save or copy images and videos from Instagram to your clipboard when you tap the more button next to a post.
→ Price Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

5. Shou :  Shou tweak will allow you to record and live stream - broadcast your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch screen in high quality screen video up to 1080p at 60fps.
For more info about Shou options and all available features
→ Check our Shou App review 
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

6. TextSearchPro :  TextSearchPro Tweak lets you search for a text easily using Flipswitch and ActionMenu. You can search for WebView (WKWebView) immediately from a home screen and on the application.
 Price : $0.99 .. Repository : BigBoss 

7. IMN for iOS 9 :  IMN adds multiple additional features to third-party messaging apps, like native quick reply and quick compose.
 Price Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

8. NoCC :  NoCC Cydia tweak removes Control Center for ever. Great if you hate convenience. No options to configure.
 Price Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

9. VideoPane :  VideoPane allows you to detach videos into a separate draggable pane. You can multitask watching videos from YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, Safari, Twitter, Facebook and more Features.
 Price : $1.99 .. Repository : rpetrich 

10. BioLockdown :  BioLockdown Cydia tweak let you use the Fingerprint to protect access to apps, settings and Control Center switches.
 Price $2.99 .. Repository : BigBoss 

11. AutoTouch :  This tweak will allow you to record and playback the touch operations. It can be used to play games automatically and win more score and coins, the tweak simulate your operations in your mobile device iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss 

12. AirSpeaker :  AirSpeaker gives you the option to use your iOS device as an AirPlay speaker, like AirPlayServer and shairport. It can be useful for those who want to add AirPlay capabilities to an old iPhone/iPod dock, or generic 3.5mm speakers.
 PriceFree .. Repository : Karen's Pineapple Repo 

13. TranslateMe :  TranslateMe tweak allows you to translate text via ActionMenu. Just select the text you wish, any text from any application like Safari, Mail or other, push translate and immediately you'll have the translation in the language of your choice in the preferences menu.
 Price : Free .. Repository: BigBoss 

14. Anchor :  Lets you move your icons where you want them. this tweak allows you to freely place your icons.
 Price : $1.99 .. Repository : BigBoss 

15. DockArt :  DockArt allows you to add a custom image for your dock!
 Price : Free .. Repository : BigBoss

So these are all the best latest tweaks and jailbreak Apps listed for this week, let us know what are your favorite Cydia tweaks and Apps in the comments section below.

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